First Touch

Hello! And welcome to my blog. My name is Nick Torry and I’m a massage therapist, born, bred and working in South East London. I’ve been practising professionally for just over a year now and I’m thoroughly enjoying myself too. However, the more I practise, the more questions I seem to have and the more I get asked about exactly what it is I’m doing and what’s going on when I massage someone. Why is it effective and often incredibly a-ffective to receive a massage for any number of physical and mental ailments? Why so much more for some than others? Why why why does it feel so damn good? Why?

It really seems to depend on who you ask… and as a formally trained researcher and self-trained rational hippy type that just doesn’t quite cut it for me.

Massage therapist, body-worker, shaman, scientist, healer, physio, masseur, masseuse, macaque – all different versions of people who study or actually practise rubbing other people (or other monkeys) up and down to achieve remedial and therapeutic results. And betwixt and between these categories, a multitude of different opinions, ideas and evidence (in its broadest sense) about what is going on while one does it.

So that’s what I’m doing here. I’m going to attempt to sniff out all the scents (and maybe the sense) in this pungent pot pourri of massage theory, find and keep the sweet rosy, fruity flakes and chuck out the questionable hokey or sterile smelling ones. Then who knows, I might just drop my own giant steamer in the middle of the bowl and see how you react.

I definitely intend to learn something along the way and become more confident in what I think about all this, even if you totally disagree (please comment below). But hopefully you’ll join me on my journey and enjoy how my learning and thoughts unfold.

Allow me to massage your mind, much like I’d massage your body. I’ll attempt to find the correct pressure for the specific issue, I’ll work methodically within the systems I am familiar with and, from there, try to move outside of them to meet the specific needs of the topic. Maybe the solution isn’t in your mind but in your left glute? I’ll poke and probe if necessary and, if you’re in the mood, we might have a joke and a laugh along the way.

Some will like my methods more than others and if you don’t that’s fine, it was nice to cross paths with you and I wish you all the best. However, I do hope you feel the benefits of my approach, book in again, and then become one of my regulars.

Remember to stretch regularly and stay hydrated (no not because of toxins, it’s just a good idea – more on that later).

See you again soon,

Peace out,


Published by nicktorry

Massage therapist practicing Raynor Deep Tissue Massage and Japanese Acupressure Chair Massage in South East London

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